Mother's Day at Sinika Uthando

Mother’s Day at Sinika Uthando

Mothers Day June 2014 1

Mothers Day June 2014 2

Mothers Day June 2014 3

Mothers Day June 2014 4

Mothers Day June 2014 5

Mothers Day June 2014 6

Mothers Day June 2014 7

Rajive Singh – Full time volunteer at Sinika Uthando assisting another family via the Sinika Uthando Food Bank – …the first essential component of social justice/improvement is adequate food for all mankind. Food is the moral right of all who are born into this world.- Norman Borlaug
Sinika is grateful to all their sponsors and all the life skills students that pass through our doors for helping raise awareness on hunger, and helping Sinika to help families less fortunate than ourselves.

If you want to get involved and help with The Sinika Uthando Food Bank Project – call our offices on 031 401 2744 or drop off your cans and non perishable goods at 314 Florence Nightingale drive, westcliff, Chatsworth

Mothers Day June 2014 8

Mothers Day June 2014 9

Mothers Day June 2014 10

Mothers Day June 2014

SINIKA’S TRIBUTE TO MAYA ANGELOU: To Many she was an Author, Poet, Civil Rights Activist, Playwright, Actress, Composer, Dancer and storyteller. SINIKA has been honoured to have been motivated, led and guided by her strong will to overcome her true life stories and choose to live rather than to die.

When we listen spellbound to her account of life, its hardships, and her courage to rise up again and again, we are encouraged to do the same. Maya Angelou has touched millions of lives around the world and we pay tribute and remember an amazing Poet and woman who single-handedly changed the lives of those who took time to listen to her. May Maya Angelou rest in peace!!

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