Program List

Current programmes

1.     Will you be my daddy please?- Our drug rehabilitation & support program for the drug survivor and his family held every wednesday evening at 18h00.

2.     Young champions school program- An ongoing program held at local high schools educating and empowering students on vision and goal setting, how to deal with failure, suicide and other critical and relevant topics. This program is held during school terms.

3.     Soul sisters program- Monthly support meetings held for divorced, widowed and single mothers. We aim to empower, motivate and guide these woman and their children with lifeskills.

4.     Life skills & development program- A continous 6-week program for young unemployed men and woman rangings from the ages of 18 to 30. We aim to empower and resource them for employment.

5.     Leadership & mentoring programs- To raise up a generation of equipped and empowered leaders.

6.     Marriage workshops- This is held every 3 months for couples who receive marriage / relationship counselling at the centre to enable couples / families to be reconciled and restore the family unit.