Dear family,

As we end this year and enter into the next let us take time to reflect upon the last 12 months of our lives.  Where were you? Where did you want to be? Are you there yet?

it is easy to get into the flow of life and miss time as it passes. No matter where you are now the new year is a fresh slate, another chance to live and learn. 

Tell yourself that this year; you will work smarter, take chances and push back any fear that is holding you down.

Sinika Uthando, the father’s love, is a safe place. There you can look at yourself through God’s eyes and not your own. Instead of a loser, you see a winner, and instead of failure you see success. Believe in who you are meant to be and the purpose that is set for your life. Raise your standards and challenge yourself to edge closer to your goals.

2014 can be the best year of your life so far, but you must first make the decision to allow it to be so!

Best regards,

The Sinika Uthando Web Page team 

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